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I have recently received requests to join this community, but I am sorry this community is not currently active. I will not be granting memberships to this community until further notice.

Join to see the icons :D

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This Community is set to FRIENDS ONLY
If you would like to view/take the icons that I have made, post some of your own, or request and icon than you must go and join this community :D I would leave this community as public but i would like to see who is taking my icons

-Please DO NOT take my icons and claim them as your own
-If you would like me to make you an icon leave me a comment,
if i do not respond to your request it is because I have not
gotten a chance to check the comments, but I will make you one
-If you do take an icon please credit me and if you do not do that
at least tell me you are taking one
-I do not mind if you promote any of YOUR OWN communities to help
get it started but please do not make it a habit
-If you have your own icon that you would like to post go ahead :)
-If you have any model/celebrity related photos you may also post them
-DO NOT post anything that is not model/celebrity related other wise
your post will be deleted
-DO NOT post things that you are trying to sell on ebay you will be
banned from this community